Leaf III shelf for cats




If you like plants and own a cat, you probably know that some of them are toxic to your cat.
However, who said you have to limit yourself to real plants?
Leaf III cat shelf made of plywood is a beautiful decoration for the wall – it is also a convenient place for smaller cats to rest.
Designer cat shelf is a unique wall decoration that will further enhance the character of a cozy interior.

We use plywood to create cat furniture, which is great for this product category due to its durability. Plywood is also a stylish element of interior design, making cat furniture a beautiful decorative element. Each piece of the cat shelf is sanded and painted by hand, which gives us the opportunity to take care of every detail.

Due to its smaller size, the shelf is recommended for cats of smaller breeds.
It can also be used as a soft step to assist the cat when jumping to the second shelf.

The cat shelf is made of birch plywood (15 mm)

Width – 46 cm
Height – 36 cm
Depth – 28 cm

We include mounting accessories with every order!
Please write in the comments the type of wall on which the shelf will be mounted, so that we can select the appropriate accessories for safety and convenience of installation.
In the absence of information, we will include mounting accessories for concrete walls.

Our cat furniture can be combined freely, creating a dream play area for your cat.

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The order preparation time is 1-2 weeks.

You can find more of our realizations on our Instagram, which you are welcome to visit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Furniture for cats IF CATS CAN FLY
Why will they work great for you at home?

Thoughtful design

Based on our knowledge of the needs and natural instincts of cats, we have created furniture that, in addition to high quality workmanship, is a comfortable and safe space for cats. The modern design is sure to stand out in the room and provide a unique wall decoration.


Cats love to observe their surroundings. They instinctively observe the world around them and search for possible threats or prey. IfCatsCanFly cat furniture provides a comfortable place for cats to watch, rest and play.

Wall mounting

Creating wall space for the cat will not only allow it to observe its surroundings, the wall shelves will also provide comfort and a sense of security. By mounting them at a high height, the cat will get his private and quiet space.

Cat furniture will effectively diversify the daily life of these unusual furry friends and improve their quality of life.

Additional information

Kolor sklejki / Plywood color

Black, Dark walnut, Natural, Transparent white, Wenge

Poduszka / Pillow

Beige, Dark grey, Light grey, Black, Gold, Green, Lincoln 03, Lincoln 63, Lincoln 72, Lincoln 75, Lincoln 86, Lincoln 90